How to Bulk Up

                              How To Bulk Up

Millions of skinny teenagers, thin adult men, and people recovering from surgeries or illness all have one thing in common; they all want to know how to bulk up. The vast majority of information available to the proverbial hard gainer or fitness enthusiast on the subject of how to bulk up is based on selling a product such as a weight gainer, shake or some highly specialized, technologically advanced protein supplement. There is a lot of money to be made in the supplement world, so don’t fall victim to what are essentially advertisements disguised as special reports, or advice on how to bulk up.

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The fact of the matter is that consuming large quantities of calories is the answer to how to bulk up, but there is more to the story. Eating excess calories without adequate and appropriate exercise will help you bulk up, but it will be more of the unappealing, squishy, fat variety. Even when exercising properly, the wrong foods can sabotage your efforts. If you want real world action to take on how to bulk up, stop eating junk food!

The majority of weight gain shakes are overly processed, borderline toxic whey powders mixed with overly processed corn starch. Ignore the advertising jargon and patented proprietary technology and you’ll see these products are just junk food disguised as a body building product. To learn how to bulk up you need to think outside the box, both figuratively and literally. Ignore the popular media, the fad diets, Hollywood’s exercise secrets and all the other crap designed to sell you something. Outside the box, you’ll find fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, healthful oils, nuts, seeds, berries and thousands of other amazing foods designed by Mother Nature.

Without a steady base, full of fresh natural foods, additional supplements will do nothing and are not how to bulk up properly. Once you have a clean diet consisting of mainly whole, unprocessed foods, additional supplements can further open a window into how to bulk up. Some people do not have the appetite or self control to eat the copious amounts of natural foods required to bulk up, and for them a supplement is essential to make up those extra calories.

If you want to know how to bulk up using other supplements to enhance the effects of your already natural, whole food based, high calorie diet then again you must ignore the 3 page over hyped advertisement in the latest issue of your favorite body building or fitness magazine. The most effective mass building supplements are cheaper, well proven and well researched, and may as well have written the book on how to bulk up.

Creatine – holds more water in the muscle cells both increasing size and exercise capacity. If you want to know how to bulk up, creatine increases the amount of work you can do. More work = more muscle mass.

Glutamine – assists in enhancing muscle recovery and reducing soreness and stress. The quicker you recover the more you can bulk up. Stress and nutrition combined with rest and recovery is how to bulk up.

Multi-vitamins – are often overlooked by those who do not understand how to bulk up, however they are extremely important to every function of the human body. Without them you will not add muscle, and that fact alone is the last word on how to bulk up.

How To Bulk Up
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